Guest Writers

Two Poems: By Kofi Eghan


Alone I sit, but in the dark.

Staring into the sky, but at the stars.

Knowing I will be seen, but with time.

A time ahead called future, where my success lies.

The far I go, the more I know.

But yet, my struggle seems to have no end.

One-day in some-day, I will see my way.

Then I will risk not my redemption.

When it’s too good to be true, I will rule.

For I know on my own.

The greatest being on earth, I will be.


She went for pleasure, but pregnant she became.

And so the joy of a father became a mother’s suffering.

Harboured me for months but a day I came.

When father was nowhere to be found, mother stood and fought.

Society saw me as her pain, but she saw me as her gain.

Hardships came, but I never became your pain.

I survived because you thrived.

Now a man, forever grateful I will be to you.

To the Lord I pray, Your long life I seek.

Dedicated to you, a heart of thanksgiving