Guest Writers

Two Poems: By Eroayetan Justice


We were seated in ranch like sheep,
Grazing our pots like bees on the hills
From our fingers down to the elbow,
Our mother’s stew runs, and still we eat it with ego
Our farm was our play field,
And under the night moon comes our News feed
That old wooden pallet carries our weight at night,
And those tattered clothes convey our pain and PLIGHT
Our old ignorant thought would have brought our fame,
But with faith, we change our fate
When some strange figures cleared a way,
Giving ample reasons we should leave those days
Now as we walk in different phase,
We stare with awe amidst varying faces
But now we fall too dip,
As though we were just to take a sip
To be as bright as headlights,
It’s hard to keep our heads right
Because we forgot our mum’s rite,
And we’ve ignored our first bite
Return home, and fix the heck,
Before you’re left without a neck
Then even the babies in your home will vent to you,
But then you’ll startle as you speak the truth
But does the colour or thy skin determines thy mindset?
Oh Africa!, thou hath fled to western beast
Buckle up for the siege,
Before the storm rises the dust
And thy sword hath rusted,
Remember thy motherland ye trusted
Run! Run!! For they await your silver spoon,
Your silver spoon?
Yes!, with gold in thy hand of blood,
Return! As we build back that empire of wood
Then we open the gate of the breeze,
That makes the world evergreen

Running out of time,
You got your whole legs on a hike
Pleasing the boss of your life,
You think so much for a bike
Then you spin to your right,
Thinking, this is what you like
You never took the sight,
Of the fire burning in the sky
The strain itches your thigh,
You disregard that for your feeling as a Nike
Now it appears thou day is bright,
As thy wealth shalt spark
There in the tunnel you took a sigh,
As though there’s nothing you lack
Brazing up as you see the light,
Preparing to evacuate the dark
Yes felt like Hathor, but now down in the dumps and glum, because it’s now night,
We hear thou shout,as thou scream even without a mic
Your brain quiver because there comes no strength to fight,
And you fell feeling lonely like your bike in the park
In that moment, you remember my PLIGHT,
But now, your mind is unstable like mama’s plate in the rack
Then thou discover thee hath bleed for thy boss of thy life,
It’s over now, because you’ve got no vigor to stay on the track
Then to thee, life looks like a bite,
As thou flesh bleed even without a scar
So thou hath taketh sides, as we pant for height.