Guest Writers

Who Angered The heavens: by Ikechi Ochulo

Ikechi Ochulo picked my blog as the place to keep his socially-acceptable thoughts, see what he wrote for yourselves:


Who angered the heavens?

Can’t you see?

Sun’s eye is dim

His broad smile is gone


Who angered the heavens?

Can’t you hear?

The thunderous voice above you

The groaning and rumbling too

That makes the ground shift beneath you

And sinks your heart in fear


Who angered the heavens?

Can’t you smell?

His perfume

In these winds as cold as death


Who angered the heavens?

Can’t you feel?

His tears

Trying to rob me of shelter

And wash me off the face of the earth


Who angered the heavens?

Let us find him

For this crime is great

The greatest crime it is

Cos it threatens my existence

And blows out my candle of survival


Here we are,

At the shrine of the great goddess

Her name?


She has spoken thus:

“Thou O man

Art the cause of thy problem

Thou art the Curse of Creation

The heavens are angry

Cos I have bid it so

For thou took my laws and ways

And trod them under feet. “