Guest Writers

Black Hole: By Cathrine Chidawanyika

Hey girl, 

Yes, you with skin like night.

you never learnt to love,

At what point will you stop worshipping day and start hanging your constellations?

Hey girl,

When will you start embodying your name?

I have started calling you Judas,

You have given me that untrue kiss so many times.

Do you know I know?

Did your heart not beat when last I saw you?

Did you not see the sparkle go from my eyes?

Did you not notice the way I loosely held you? 

Because I have started letting go.

Hey girl, 

I know you have counted the days since my heart reached out,

I have counted them too but they are not yet enough,

to create the distance I desire.

Even when sitting next to you, I want planets in-between 

So then the weapons you have formed against me will be swallowed by the black hole.


There have been only a few poets whom I deeply resonate with, kindred spirits I call them and Cathrine Chidawanyika is one. She is a reader and creator of awesome universes at

Credit: MARSHALL ISLANDS. Total solar eclipse. 2009.