Guest Writers Random Photo Journal 1

Three Poems by Cathrine Chidawanyika


I forget how many have lost themselves
When they crashed against my jagged edges
They figured they were sailors
Until they floundered in the sea that is me 

I’ve lost count of all who tried to build here
Wanting to tame my wild into domesticity
What a lesson in futility
Class dismissed


I am my own ancestor
Reliving past traumas
All from my many lives
While chasing rainbows

My past
My present
Both running concurrently
And I try and try
To stick to one timeline

But being human comes with powers
We live many lives at once
Live and relive 
The joys and pain

But power isn’t strength
Power is raw, unbridled
Strength is quiet, insistent
And I need both if I’m to make it

Do you remember the full moons,
You know,
Back in the village
When village was not a synonym for poor?

Do you remember
When they sat at your feet,
Drinking your wisdom for the ages
Taking in the very power
Of your presence?

Do you remember the joy,
The joy of someone dancing around you,
Someone basking in the light of your being,
Back when we still danced,
or basked,
Or shined,
As in being holy?

Do you remember the prayers,
The desperate and cloying prayers
Of men who thought they were gods,
Who had an inkling of being worshipped before?
Oh, how they prayed,
They prayed until they wanted to be you,
To be worshipped,
And they convinced you
You were less than
And you believed,
Because you believed their silly little prayers!

What god doesn’t believe her own power,
What god needs to be convinced,
And how long does it take to get back,
Because we’re all waiting,