CALL FOR SUBMISSION | Observing Adulthood On The Cusp

Observing adulthood on the cusp through a glass box, there is definitely a nagging uneasiness of being in two different states. While everything is novel and stimulating it is also perplexing to be on the imaginary line that denotes instances of duality. There may be some who do but, the truth is nobody enjoys being of two sides when one personality is already packed with concomitant worries.
The crux of the issue is really about how individuals handle being influenced by two different forces, youth and then adulthood which carries with it an exciting array of surprises. There is the consciousness of knowing how to and not to act; doing what is normally expected of you and the growing weight of responsibilities to come. How do you set healthy boundaries?
Tell us about managing time efficiently or money to create simple budgets. Has communicating clearly been easy to do? How are you maintaining your environment? Write stories that give insights to your self-care and stress management as a youth on the cusp of adulthood. Even if you are fully transitioned stories about your past will be pivotal for learning.
We are accepting applications; writers in Ghana, Nigeria and West Africa are invited to apply.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! | On The Cusp of Adulthood.