Guest Writers Random Photo Journal 1

Three Poems by Cathrine Chidawanyika

1.CLASS DISMISSED I forget how many have lost themselves When they crashed against my jagged edges They figured they were sailors Until they floundered in the sea that is me  I’ve lost count of all who tried to build here Wanting to tame my wild into domesticity What a lesson in futility Class dismissed 2. …

Guest Writers Random Photo Journal 1

Americans and Nigerians at malls | Caleb Ajinomoh

There’s a chance you find a Nigerian playing bare feet, struggling to cope with the shocking precision of a pregnant white woman’s serves. American mall attendants are polite. No matter how many times you walk out of a store emptyhanded, if you walk in again, you’ll get the same first-entry smile everyone gets.

Guest Writers Random Photo Journal 1

Barefoot Reminders of Death by Anthony Madukwe

I imagine a sky perfect for falling in love. The clouds block out the sun and the winds caress guava trees into a slow dance of atilogwu. I imagine a young woman giggling at the words of a man who isn’t even funny. The blind stubbornness with which they agree to spend the rest of their lives together and the remarkably gentle way he slides the ring into her middle finger eight months after.

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STORY NUMBER 4 by Elizabeth Johnson – Winner of The Random Thoughts Prize in Creative Fiction

This week on The Random Thoughts features a story by Elizabeth Johnson who won our Writing Competition with a simplistic, vivid twist on sisterhood.  Read her interview and then the story: 1.You have had a while to reflect on the win, what does it mean to you? The win just comes to show that if …

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A Journal Entry And A Letter: By Veripuami Kangumine

It’s raining, basically marking the start to our hot long summers here, in Windhoek, Namibia. There is so much electrical activity in the sky, I’m sure that somewhere two people are hopelessly falling in love. The roof is singing, the wind is howling and I am healing. I’m sending you good energy today. I hope …