RANDOM celebrates and explores independent culture – people and movements that go against the grain in the study of the social ecology of neighbourhoods and living condition in Africa.

What kinds of stories is RANDOM looking for?

Random is largely focused on African photography so it’s only right for its magazine to tell African stories, present and past. Stories about women, men, non-binary, queer, life before colonialism, history, ordinary and extraordinary. We think it’s important to tell these stories because Africa desperately needs written literature. Our stories must be told, shared and preserved by us because who else but us? 

We would like to read stories that make us feel. A story that is able to convey the writer’s emotions through their characters is the best kind of story. We would also like to read stories about African people not centred on poverty or struggle because we believe it feeds a certain narrative that to be African is to be miserable. As much as that is our reality, it’s only a part of it. 

Who should I email?

Send your pitch to the relevant person below.

Editor in Chief
Arinzechukwu Patrick
(Film/Documentary, Print Features, Profiles, Photo essays.)

Photography Curator
Sandy Alibo
(Print Features, Photo essays)

Digital Editor
Tinuade Agoi-George
(Fiction and Non-Fiction Features)

Co digital Editor
Ibrahim Oga
(Poetry Features)

Queer Fiction and Poetry Editor
Akpa Arinzechukwu
(Fiction, Poetry)


Please be advised we are currently unable to pay our contributors. However, we run a yearly writing competition that pays winners.

What we publish:

We are currently looking for

  • Flash Fiction (1500 words max.)
  • Short stories (7500 words max.)
  • Creative Non-Fiction* (7500 words max.)
  • Poetry (send 3-9 pieces)

Review Process

We aim to provide feedback within 2 weeks. We will get back to you, whether we choose to publish your story or not.

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