There is a belief that in order for Africans living in Africa to be seen as ‘worthy of respect’, we have to be perfect; our bodies well structured, our poses camera ready, our lands fertile, our waters blue and clear, and our gardens green and lush. 
A picture tells a thousand words, and from the first image, you will see that this magazine was not created to cater to palettes of mainstream tourism. Instead, it shows the many cultures of Africans, random yet similar; the woman on the okada, a family at the mall, fishing and relaxing at the beach, and skaters doing their thing (a pleasant surprise.)
In this edition, RANDOM used photojournalism to showcase reality by documenting the day to day lives of Africans living in Africa. A way of seeing as it is, not what feels better to be. While these shots may be misconstrued as just snapping the surroundings, there’s a detailed process that involves making acute observations and ability to make fast and final reactions. 
It’s as said by the editor, “This is not a travel magazine, it is simply saying: This is us, we exist and this is how and where we live.”


Download RANDOM PHOTO JOURNAL Issue 1 – “A Way Of Seeing”


Caleb Ajinomoh – Nigeria

Claudia Owusu – United States/Ghana

Cathrine Chidawayinka – Zimbabwe

Anthony Madukwe – Nigeria

Eleni Anasstasou – Amsterdam

Surf Ghana – Ghana


Arinzechukwu Patrick

Creative Design & Curation

Sandy Alibo

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