First Day of Kindergarten, Winner of the 2019 Prize for Fiction – By Temi Iwalaiye

They say that there is no place like home, but what if home is hell?

STORY NUMBER 4, Winner of the 2018 Prize for Fiction – By Elizabeth Johnson

                     In the corner to the left of the entrance of the cheap fast food joint, two friends, both female, sat

Stained Asphalt, Winner of the 2017 prize for fiction – by Anthony Madukwe

If you gripped my shoulders today, shook me hard and yelled at me to say just one thing to my younger self, I would laugh at you and tell you

The Importance of Capturing Memory and Photographing Everything About Your Personal Experiences: By Justin Mitchell

While travel will always be the preferred way to delve into a new culture, photography is another passport to people doing nothing but living. Photography serves our love for discovering new cultures which commonly precedes our desire to travel. The stimulating fascination with other people, their living conditions, neighbourhoods and Continue Reading

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