A few years ago, Ghanaian-American photographer Lloyd Kofi Foster, due to personal reasons, set out to traverse and document the daily lives and situations in Africa. During his journey, he stumbled upon one of Africa biggest treasures: its sun-absorbed, companionable children. This interview features a photo series by Lloyd Kofi […]

Random Photo Journal created a Journal Project focused on African Unification through collective memories and we reached out to frequent travellers around the African continent and asked them to share a series of photos that represent a memory about a place they visited, currently or in the past, attached with a story that led […]

Random Photo Journal started a Journal Project focused on African Unification through collective memories… For the series, we spoke to Christian Sanna a Malagasy-Italian contemporary photographer focusing on personal and social histories in Madagascar. “Fady Kambana” is a series of family portraits taken in the South-East of Madagascar. This photographic exhibition casts a unique look at […]