Many à nights I haveCut myself open —–I have taken this heart in handCleansed it pure withThe tears of old loversThe ghosts of my dreamsWho have danced on my fleshBruises I cannot hide anymoreMake a mockery of my joy Though nights of mourningHave come and goneThe sunrise always giftsIts promise […]

The rain started with a rush of wind which slashed open the pots sitting at the edge of the hut. Their covers were displaced as if the wind had been without food for days. It had been like this in my village, Nkwerre, for weeks. It was June, the beginning […]

The first thing Njideka saw when she opened her eyes was her children standing in front of her with wide eyes and mouths bent in a frown. They had been standing there and staring until the sheer force of their sadness woke Njideka up from her deep slumber. Olachi, Njideka’s […]