I love Twitter. It’s such a mixing pot of opinions, some I agree with and some I baulk at. I make different sounds of disgust, surprise, glee etc because this is how I react to reading things. My face just won’t make the effort. So there I was scrolling down […]

                                                  KNOCK, KNOCK I never quite learned to knock. It had little to do with upbringing, or courtesy, or even a lack of respect for peoples’ privacies; I simply didn’t learn to knock. Maybe it had something to do with my peculiar left-handedness. Older people told you what hand to […]

 Backseat yarns about the life of a Lagos runs girl. Wazobia FM threw back Christopher Nusa Ohenhen’s hit song “Dupey” on the car radio as Afo drove around the tarnished roads of mainland Lagos. The rhythmic sound of the old school instrumentals boomed softly from the car speakers and Afo […]

‘THERE WERE MANY easy ways to be a stupid girl in Lagos. We were not stupid girls. We were bright with borrowed wisdom.’ Declares Bibike, cementing the Pidgin saying: if you no wise for Lagos you no fit wise for anywhere. No matter how you try to get hold of […]


He didn’t have the same longstanding career or notoriety in the Nigerian Afrobeat music scene, but Nigerian singer, pianist, guitarist and composer Segun Bucknor was just as much of a trailblazer in what came to be known as Afrobeat. This is a brief history of his career. My family was […]

Why must you bleed on those pages?Why must you drip tears on paper? Why must you pour your heart out on every page? Often, you may wonder, why must you speak of suffering, pain, taboo, and shame to gain recognition. Do we love heartbreaks more than trust, unrequited love more […]

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