Healess Wound by Sabukie Osabutey: Poetry Anthology review

This is a collection of dancing words from a courageous heart experienced in striving both in and out of love. For this heart, the earth is love and everything speaks of it. Everything reeks of love in all its forms; self, kindness, kin-ness, unrequited, intimate, and random. If you have ever felt anything for anyone before, there’s a poem in here for you.
While the collection is full of great content that we love and adore, the full poems are mostly devoid of overall loveable artistic conception, presentation, or rhythm.
And this is why We find the two-liner poems all the more excellent. For example, STRANGERS ON THE ROAD TO HEALING (which is one of our favorites) didn’t place well in the SCAR section of the collection. We feel it should have been in the WOUND section.
In all, this is a collection with lines we will be coming back to time after time.

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Written during the time of a global pandemic where love was the only thing that could save humanity, Sabukie Osabutey in her second poetry anthology shares an encounter with heartbreak, healing, and a deep-conditioning opinion on love. Healess Wound is a collection of self-love, honesty, pain and healing . She describes this work as confessional poetry.

These plants came to my rescue
They built a wall around my broken heart and guarded it with a wire mesh decorated with red roses
These plants warmed my evenings when everybody was gone away
– Healess Wound


Sabukie is a sensational performance poet known for her creative, imaginative and rhythmic verses, with an energetic flow that keeps audiences in awe. Born in Accra, Ghana, she started her career as a poet in 2015; writing short poems, performing at open mic events and on air radio after building her confidence at age 7 by her mother who coached her to be the next Whitney Houston. Sabukie’s energy by many is seen to be mind blowing when she is in her element, and this has earned her several recognition both locally and internationally. From being a Ted Guest poet to collaborating with media and creative platforms such as Joy News, Alliance Francaise d’Accra, British Council and the Goethe Institut, Sabukie was honored by the Office of the first lady of the Republic of Ghana in 2018 during the International Women’s day celebration. In 2019 she received her second major honorary by the Francotheque library under the Russian Institute of foreign literature, Moscow for her authored poetry anthology “A longed Desire”
Sabukie is known for her dynamic style of writing and delivery which pierces, heals and transforms. She draws her inspiration from what she calls “drinking at the fountain of poetry” an art where her thoughts and feelings meet at the crossroad of liberation. Sabukie’s performance poetry is a blend of afro pop, R&B, jazz, soul instrumentation coupled with sophisticated chords and melodies. Sabukie is inspired by musicians like Asa, Adele, Earl Klugh, Rokia Traore and Grammy- award winning Jazz Bassist Richard Bona.
Sabukie is a time-bomb on the verge of explosion, mental explosion, visual and creative explosion. It is not just in the power of her words, it’s in the power of her self-expression, her presentation and her performance. She does not only give a great performance, she dominates the stage. I have no doubt, her story will be told, and through her the African story will be shared”.

  • Papa Arkhurst (Communicator)