We’re what Time makes us. Our decisions are reactions to the perpetual progression of events. Our milieu is our mold, and milieus are a construction of Time and inter-generational reactions. We like to think that we’re taking actions (which are really just reactions to Time) that are defining of how best we see ourselves. In its travels, Time threw a pandemic moment at us. What is true of our personality before this moment? What is true now? Is our definition of our identity still the same or not? What has this moment, this grain of a quicksand called Time revealed to us of who we are?

Writers, send in the excogitations of discoveries about your identity or an identity during the lockdown, we will love to read it.

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Short fiction: 2500 words max.

Poetry: 3 – 9 pieces


RANDOM welcomes contributions from scholars, students, and professionals in all aspects of literature, fiction, prose, and poetry.

Submitted works should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time.

Contributed works for the Anthology should be submitted via email to the following addresses: Admin [@]

Author’s name, with a brief biographical note, will be requested upon selection.

Authors are encouraged to submit their works by electronic means as Word format attachments in Times New Roman and 1,5 space. 12 font should be used within the text while 10 font should be preferred for footnotes.

The minimum length for works contributed is 2500 words.

Quotations should be placed within double quotation marks (“…”). Use footnotes (not endnotes). Dates should be in the form 3 November 1996; 1995-1998; and 1990s.

Language should always be italicized, even when lengthy. American spelling is accepted but spelling practise should be consistent throughout the piece.

If a contributed works are selected for publication, its copyright will be transferred to RANDOM. Published works can be cited by giving the necessary bibliographical information. For re-publication of any article in full-text permission must be sought from the editors.

Authors bear responsibility for their contributions.

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Best of luck!