The Dynamics Of Being Seen As An Outsider – By Omorose Aighewi

Omorose Aighewi is a photographer that is currently located in Lesotho. Aighewi’s work is comprised mostly of street and documentary work. Her street work captures the eccentric, innovative, and beautiful people that surround her. On her first visit since she was 6 years old, Aighewi wanted to capture the dynamics of being seen as an outsider in the place she once grew up in. Comprehensive storytelling requires both local and alien perspectives and Aighewi’s outsider photography explores the relationship between photography and theme. Her images seek to interrogate how differences, migration especially, affect representation, access, and intimacy. Who has the right to tell a story about a city? Are there limitations on objectivity as an insider, or sensitivity as an outsider? And for this Omorose Aighewi seeks to start a conversation about how she tells stories, how she defines her own relationships to the people and cities she photographs, and how their lives impact the stories she documents.