Monsters you made: By Albrin Junior

I write this laying on my sickbed, 

In the darkness of the midnight hour, 

Guided by my pale white eyes 

And an itty-bitty ray from my phone. 

My heart cries in odium despair 

And I Alone do not swim in this boat, 

A chain of sorrow rows us abyss – 

Sunken deep blue sea staring afloat. 

We failed ourselves as a nation, 

Hoax into voting for change 

And aye! Having had a Goodluck turn bad, 

We were headlong over a visionless change. 

Five years gone and everything has gone wrong, again, 

Alas! His change totes sorrow’s company, 

His cohorts and leaders lavishing our wealth, yet, 

Impervious to our pains, tears, and pleas. 

Finally! The youths have risen, 

Against the failed system that called us lazy, 

Police brutality, extortion, deaths and more having claimed innocent lives. 

How can we a nation fear the outfit meant to protect us? 

5 for 5 we now demand, and march 

The streets in halcyon equalized protest, 

Alack! Unarmed citizens manned and dehumanized by the police – 

The brutality we walk against is dished back to us, 

And he who promised change stares in mocking silence. 

I’m tired again and again, 

And so are the people, masses woven in wretchedness 

Turns to God for hope that never comes, 

For our leaders to bring such hope; mocks our very core. 

Our lives matter but they do not care, 

They tread on us, how would they fear? 

But Alas! The monsters you made 

Have come back to hunt you, 

For oppression isn’t ended by silence, 

Rather, the outwardness of spoken violence. 

(Being they pay us deaf ears and taken for joke) 

I fear this protest worsening to an unrest 

Yet, an angst I obscurely yearn, 

And if this poem be what spurs us on, then so be it 

For then, the true democracy we yearn shall truly come to be.