Random Photo Journal

I know who I am and what I stand for 

Or at least I thought I did 

Living life and its struggles on the daily 

Taking the good with the bad 

The disappointments and surprises 

Believing in myself in one moment 

And doubting myself in the next 

It was a roller-coaster I was used to 

Little did I know 

That the ground I felt steady on 

Was more like sinking sand 

Having found purpose in what I do 

And leaving home each day to do important work 

The pandemic-induced stay-at-home order felt like a culture shock 

What was I expected to do with myself shut behind my door all day every day? 

Have zoom meetings, work in isolation and sleep in between? 

Thought it was exciting at first 

Not having to endure traffic was a pleasure I couldn’t resist 

But after some weeks, I kind of missed it 

The consistency of a hectic life 

The little blowbacks and small victories 

Though I love my space as my little sanctuary 

I was growing tired of staring at the white walls for too long 

What is the need for a sanctuary without chaos outside? 

I lost myself a bit, I admit 

But I also discovered myself in a new way 

My life isn’t to be defined by routine 

The mundane, circumstances and consequences 

My purpose transcended the expectations others had of me 

My purpose lies in what brings my soul satisfaction 

Helping someone in need, putting a smile on a face 

Meditating, finding peace even in the midst of troubled waters 

Showing love all around because now more than ever 

I realized we can never overshow love to people 

More people out there need it than we think 

I was at a comfortable pace before the pandemic 

In the midst of it, I had to grow stronger in spirit 

And find healing in all the broken places 

As we pray the pandemic away 

May we not lose sight of all the lessons we have learned 

Of ourselves, of people and the world.