TWO POEMS: By Iwuagwu Ikechukwu

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The gavel having the final neutral say
Cupid’s scent hung in the atmosphere like felons in the gallows
Active biceps wielding seals and sceptres
Burj khalifas scraping our fluffy skies
Corridors to success adorned with petals of merit
Generations unborn witnessing the muteness of paedophiles
Distinct races becoming a juxtaposition of God’s creative prowess
Honesty pitching it’s tent within all and sundry
Freedom of speech catwalking unperturbed against slippery faces
Life’s sanctity ranked above the adventure of thirsty blades and stuttering eloquence of rifles
Perhaps, Mama Africa will flaunt her alluring self on the global runway
And once more bear the crown long lost ago in the sand dune of folly

We can but wish


(For Victoria Madu)

When I stare into your eyes
I see your beautiful soul
Your soft pretty lips
Kissing away my sorrowful moments

Roses are red
Skies are blue
Sugar is sweet
But none is sweeter than you

You said I am the best gift from college
I say you are my priceless gift from God
When the sun rays perch upon you
Angels envy your glowing brown skin

If the world were to pause for a moment
It would be while we are in each other’s arms
Freedom square, Genesis cinema, Mayfair or West End shall bear witness
To our unending stroll in the street of love

During moments of our despair and depression
Our strengths flew on dove wings and perched on each other
We are to each other
A solved puzzle

Never gave love a chance
Until you made me realize there was more to our friendship
I never knew my soul could be captured
If love be so, let me remain in your captivity

Iwuagwu Ikechukwu is an African poet, a graduate of English and Literary studies.  His poems won the Poetry Nook weekly contest and got an honourable mention respectively, which are now in the fifth volume paperback edition of the Poetry Nook anthology, available on amazon. His short story was awarded an honourable mention in the  IHRAF Creators of Justice award in New York – 2020 edition,  His works have been published in The Shallow Tales Review (Nigeria), Black Boy Review (Nigeria), About Place Journal (USA), Flora Fiction (USA), Dissonance Magazine (UK) and Orange Blush Zine (Malaysia). A lover of the Igbo culture, amongst his hobbies, is researching, writing, studying, reading of African literature as well as engaging in creative and thought-provoking arguments.