Adolescence On The Cusp of Youth – By Ernest Ankomah

I have always been enthused by the idea of pulling moments of life and saving them in the form of photos, but travelling, across the length and breadth of Ghana has taught me to draw out the candid stories which lie behind these faces I meet every day.

Ernest Ankomah.

I. Schoolgirl in Nuhalenya, Ghana. 2019
II. Portrait of an egg seller. Winneba, Ghana, 2019
III. Portrait of three elegantly dressed girls at the Bakatue Festival. Winneba, Ghana. 2019
IV. Girls clad in red calico carry pots of Kpokpoi atop their heads at the Homowo festival. Accra, Ghana. 2019
V. Four girls lie on fishing nets as they have a chat. Winneba, Ghana, 2019