Free Trade Agreement – By Roxann West

When bartering pleasures of the flesh
An exchange – is neva robbery,
yu gi mi cash mi gi yu kind,
instant gratification, mi have in mind,
yu, not looking fi no commitment,
an I… I jus looking a few dollars an cents so I can pay mi rent,
Dis… a no, no love connection –
so when I gi yu di strong erection,
is a quick fix, for yu dusty dip stick
I oil an shift, den change gear.
No badda, get ina yu feelings, fi a feel
of my sex appeal, wen I… I jus looking a meal.
I not looking fi no love connection,
instant gratification – is mi only intention.
But den … me meet one big short man,
him pocket deep an him cash flow steady,
so me, mi did haffi impose a luv levy, I tek him on a ride,
fi discover mi wilder side, mek him sip on mi love potion,
now… him a consida … appropriation.
but … me, mi wasn’t looking fi no luv connection,
instant gratification was mi only intention.

Roxann West holds an Associate Degree in Office Administration and a Bachelors in Marketing, but writes in her spare time and hopes to one day publish a Poetry book. Her poems generally that reflect her experiences, her environment, as well as nature. Follow her on Twitter