Random Photo Journal started a Journal Project focused on African Unification through collective memories… For the series, we spoke to Richard Eshun, a Ghanaian Photojournalist about his everyday documentations of the living conditions around him. Please start off with an introduction about yourself? “Thanks for having me. I am Richard […]

Ghana is interested in skateboarding and its gradual acceptance in society is evident, even if skateboarders have been in existence for nearly up to fifteen years. Cool brands are all flying down to make photoshoots with skateboarders, big foreign TV stations, Vogue, CNN, BBC, name it. But there was a time when it […]

Claudia Owusu is a senior Creative Writing major at Otterbein University with minors in Film Studies and Race & Ethnic Studies. Her work has appeared in Quiz & Quill, Otterbein University’s Literary Magazine, Wusgood.black, 20.35 African Contemporary Poetry through Brittle Paper, and Ohio’s Best Emerging Poets 2017 and 2018. Her […]