Latifah Idriss is concerned that Ghana is slowly being engulfed by plastic waste, even more that society seems desensitised and apathetic towards the ever growing blight. This consciousness project is based on the belief that design can evolve into habitable forms that seek to meet the needs of the environment […]


I remember falling into the gutter when I was seven. Returned home soaked and smelly, dripped in dirt. Told mama the neighborhood dog chased me, And I was sorry I lost the bread she sent me. It is ok, she said: You’ll buy plenty of bread for me one day I […]

‘THERE WERE MANY easy ways to be a stupid girl in Lagos. We were not stupid girls. We were bright with borrowed wisdom.’ Declares Bibike, cementing the Pidgin saying: if you no wise for Lagos you no fit wise for anywhere. No matter how you try to get hold of […]

Yearnings The gavel having the final neutral sayCupid’s scent hung in the atmosphere like felons in the gallowsActive biceps wielding seals and sceptresBurj khalifas scraping our fluffy skiesCorridors to success adorned with petals of meritGenerations unborn witnessing the muteness of paedophilesDistinct races becoming a juxtaposition of God’s creative prowessHonesty pitching […]